Jim Victor and marie Pelton

Jim Victor and Marie Pelton

Meet the Sculptors
Jim Victor and Marie Pelton


Jim Victor

201 Cedar Grove Rd.
Conshohocken, PA 19428
phone: 610 825-1274

Marie Pelton
Sculpture and Design

201 Cedar Grove Rd.
Conshohocken, PA 19428
phone: 610 825-1274

   Jim Victor is a sculptor with over thirty years
experience as an artist and teacher. His
sculptures have appeared in the
New York
Times, Philadelphia Magazine, Der Spiegel
others. They are also featured in private and
public collections including the Jimmy Carter
Presidential Library.
   Among his many commissions are various food sculptures, which he and his wife, Marie Pelton
create out of butter, chocolate, vegetables, and cheese
for many State Fairs, corporate events, and persons.
   Marie has worked with Jim making food creations
since 2001 and is an accomplished sculptor and a
graduate from the Pennsylvania Academy of the
Fine Arts in Philadelphia. They have traveled all
over the United states and even to China to delight
viewers with their unique creations.
   Jim's work has appeared on "Believe it or Not" and it has been featured in the New York Daily News, 
the Daily Record
in Scotland and other publications.

Read the January 2013 story about Jim Victor in the Middletown Press and Journal





chocolate car
Click to see a video of the construction
of the chocolate car.

Click to see a video of the
pepperoni portraits being made.

NFL Draft 365 sits down with NFL Draft top
prospect Robert Griffin III to take a look at
his very own Subway Sandwich.

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News Articles page

Link to Jarvis Jones video
Video of Jarvis Jones talking about his bust
made by Jim Victor Food Sculpture for Subway

Jim Victor sculpting john Stramos
Click to see a time-lapse video of Jim Victor
sculpting John Stamos
Video by Jeremy Ginsberg
UpRise Productions
215 622 4904


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